Stationary Massage Tables

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Looking for a luxurious, durable stationary table? We’ve got you covered with our selection of BodyChoice stationary massage tables. Choose a table with a simple, basic design or one that has all of the upgraded features. Most tables come equipped with either standard or deluxe accessories which include a headrest, face pillow and hanging arm shelf.


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  • Versatile BodyChoice

    Free Hanging Arm Shelf
    Ergonomic Headrest
    Ergonomic Memory Foam Face Pillow
    Features Adjustable Leg Rest
    Adjustable Backrest

    Retail Price: $699.00

    Our Price: $449.00
  • Classico BodyChoice

    Free Hanging Arm Shelf
    Free Ergonomic Headrest
    Free Three-Piece Flannel Pillow Cover Set
    Ergonomic Memory Foam Face Pillow
    Features Adjustable Backrest

    Retail Price: $499.00

    Our Price: $390.00
  • Eco Classic Stationary BodyChoice

    Features Built-In Face Port and Plug

    Retail Price: $299.00

    Our Price: $219.00
  • Custom Craftworks Aura Liftback

    Free Salon Pillow
    Hanging Arm Sling
    Removable Side Armrests
     Adjustable Face Cradle & Cushion
    Features Adjustable Backrest
    Features Multi-Layer Earth Cell Foam 

    Retail Price: $699.00

    Special Price: $549.00

  • Custom Craftworks Aura Basic

    Free Foot Extension
    Free Lowered Arm Sling
    Free Adjustable Face Cradle & Cushion
    Features Multi-Layer Foam

    Retail Price: $599.00

    Our Price: $549.00