Massage Treatments from Around the World

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India: Ayurvedic Pizzichilli Massage

Pizzichilli Massage, also referred to as “royal treatment”, combines massage and heat. Part of Indian Ayurvedic cleansing Panchakarma, Pizzichilli relaxes and detoxifies.

Warmed carrier oil (usually sesame seed), up to one and a half gallons, is poured over the entire body and worked deeply into the muscles with gentle pressure. The temperature of the oil rises to 110°F causing the client to sweat during the treatment. This method relaxes tense muscles and stimulates circulation. The Pizzichilli treatment cleanses the body, eases joint and back complaints, and strengthens the immune system.

Egypt: Isis Massage

Named for the Divine Mother, queen of Egypt, and mortal goddess, some consider Isis the first physician of the ancient world, ruling back in 4000 BCE. Before the treatment, the body is washed with a sponge and foam. Essential oils like amber or sandalwood are applied with a blower brush for the full body massage. To support the flow of energy to the body, no other tools or essences will be used.

The massage is a ritual to help the body to release bad energy and build positive energy, resulting in a deep relaxation of both body and soul.

Russia/Tibet: Honey Massage

The Honey Massage, originating in Russia and Tibet, penetrates the skin with beneficial natural components like vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. This kind of massage requires powerful massage techniques to stimulate blood flow and assist in the purification of the body. This treatment is mostly used on the back with forest honey and deep potent movements. At the end, the back will be rubbed with some oil to restore the moisture of the skin.

Hawaii: Huna Amanu

The Huna Amanu is a relaxation ritual from Hawaii that includes the special snail shell massage. It traces back to the Hawaiian life philosophy Huna which is rooted in healing both the individual and the world, considering the human as a harmonic unity.

The treatment is oriented to the face and décolleté and begins with the application of herbal oils followed by coconut oil. Afterwards, the special Amanu mixture will be made using Tahitian vanilla oil, coconut, shea, balsam, algae, green healing terra and almond paste, and applied. Then, the snail shells from the South Seas gently rubbed on the skin to stimulate circulation and exfoliate. The relaxing treatment ends by a peel off face mask.

Africa: Baobab Massage

The Baobab massage’s name originates from the baobab tree which is used as both food and healing remedy. Baobab oil is produced from the seeds of the tropical plant and soothes the skins especially well. First a peel, then the skin will be massaged with the help of massage brushes, baobab nuts and oil. Circulation is stimulated and the muscles relax.

Australia: Wambo Mambo

The Australian Wambo Mambo massage uses bamboo pipes moved rhythmically or rolled over the full body. The Aborigines consider the bamboo the symbol of virginity, beauty and long life. The Wambo Mambo means “what goes into the depths”. This massage is strong and eases deeply muscle tension and blocks in the body, creating an intense experience. No oil will be used. The practitioner exfoliates the top layer of skin cells with a fur glove.

Java/Bali: Lulur

The Lulur was used in Java and Bali as a ceremonial preparation for brides before the wedding. This treatment begins with a relaxing aroma massage with the use of ginger, citronella or sandalwood oil. Rice, herbs, floral blooms and spices are applied to the body and removed. A yogurt mask refreshes the skin, and concluding flower bath guarantees the deepest relaxation.