Announces PowerLift Logo Trademark Registration

The PowerLift logo for the in-house electric massage table brand from, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Chicago, IL, January 12, 2017 –

Many bodyworkers associate the mark of PowerLift with high-quality, innovative electric massage tables from the international massage table and supplies warehouse Now this “PowerLift” logo with a capital “P” and “L” and two triangular buttons next to the words is a registered trademark with the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Registered on April 10, 2016, will use this mark nationally for electric massage tables.

According to Peter Wang, Marketing Director for, “ has used this mark in commerce since January 2009. We applied to register the logo trademark as our PowerLift electric massage tables have grown in recognition and status.”

Logo registration with the USTPO is an important business strategy, officially confirming federal legal protection and designating ownership. A trademark for the PowerLift electric massage table logo signifies proprietary brand identity and provides potential customers with immediate information. Registration better guarantees that when consumers in any state see the PowerLift logo on an electric massage table, they can be more confident that they are purchasing from and can expect the Signature Guarantees.

“We currently have seven different models of PowerLift electric massage tables,” adds Wang. “The Chiropractic PowerLift, Spa PowerLift, Cozy Flat PowerLift, Cozy Liftback PowerLift, Cozy Deluxe PowerLift, Horizon Pro PowerLift, and Classic Liftback PowerLift offer versatile features depending on practitioner’s needs. From basic to specialty electric lift spa tables, buyers know that the PowerLift logo means affordable pricing, high quality, and exceptional customer service.”

PowerLift Logo

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