BestMassage Debut Massage Table Comparison Chart Tools, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, is now introducing two comparison chart tools for its BodyChoice portable massage tables.  The tools will help customers compare massage tables’ features side-by-side.

Chicago, IL, August 24, 2012

In an effort to make choosing a massage table easier for its customers, BestMassage will be adding two new tools—the At-a-Glance Comparison Chart and the Full Version Massage Table Comparison Chart-- to its website.  The tools effectively compare the massage tables’ various features like width, weight, and padding, for example, so that the customers can choose a table that best fits their needs. The Full Version Massage Table Comparison Chart Tool will be a PDF file that will accessible through a link on  This tool will be a complete version of the comparison chart showcasing all the features of the portable massage tables.  The At-a-Glance Massage Table Comparison Chart will be a standalone feature on BestMassage.  This tool will not be as complete as the PDF version and will include the only the most pertinent features of the massage tables.  The At-a-Glance Comparison Chart will, however, allow the user to sort the chart by various features.

“We are thrilled that our comparison tools will be coming out soon,” says Peter Wang, Marketing Director at BestMassage.  “This has been in the works for some time now.  Some of our customers mentioned that they would like to be able to quickly compare our massage tables so they knew they were choosing the best table for their needs.  Others mentioned that they’d like to see all the features of all the massage tables in one place.  We thought the comparison chart tools were the best way to go about fulfilling these needs.”

When they first began on this venture, Wang and the rest of the BestMassage marketing team wanted to create only one comparison chart tool.  When designing the original chart, however, Wang saw that listing all the features of the massage tables in one place might be good for some customers, but overwhelming for others.  That is when he decided to make two separate charts: one that showed only the most relevant massage table attributes--for the customers who wanted to quickly compare the massage tables and one that listed all the massage tables’ characteristics for the customers who wanted more.  “We like to offer choices here at BestMassage,” said Wang.

According to Wang, the BestMassage marketing  team is now working on new comparison tools for its series of electric massage tables and stationary massage tables.  “We hope these new tools will be a success.  We are looking forward to feedback from our customers.”

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