BestMassage Introduces Face Cradle Inserts

BestMassage, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has two new varieties of Face Cradle Inserts available on its website: the soft Fleece Face Cradle Insert and the smooth Brisa® Face Cradle Insert.

Chicago, IL, November 18, 2013 –

These exciting new massage table accessories are designed to solve one of the most common causes of client discomfort during massage therapy treatments – uncomfortable face cradles.  There are two varieties available: the Fleece version, and Brisa® UltraLeather™.  Both versions help support your client’s head when they are lying face down.  The Fleece Face Cradle Insert is soft and luxurious, and the Brisa® Face Cradle Insert is smooth and easy to wipe down.

Peter Wang, Director of Marketing at BestMassage, is excited about the possibilities that these new massage products present for BestMassage and its customers.

“Client comfort is a must for all successful massage therapists.  By providing this product to their clients, they are deepening their clients’ satisfaction, and inevitably increasing their rebook rate.  It’s a win-win-win – a win for BestMassage, a win for our massage therapist customers, and a real win for the person on the table,” said Wang.

These Face Cradle Inserts tackle the problem of uncomfortable face cradles “head on.”  They do this by properly aligning the head, neck and face during prone sessions on your table.  The key is the patented Four Point Keyhole Face Support System that is an integral part of their design.  This system helps with faces and necks lacking support, feeling uncomfortable while having your head in the face cradle, and the all-too-common issue of your client’s face falling too far down in the face cradle.

Wang knows that this will make a difference in therapists’ practices.

“Having received massages before where the goal is clearly to have you relax, I thought it was unusual that the headrest was often not comfortable.  This massage product, the Face Cradle Insert, solves this problem and allows your client an even deeper level of relaxation, assisting you in taking their experience to a whole new level,” said Wang.

Both the Fleece Face Cradle Inserts and the Brisa® UltraLeather™ Face Cradle Inserts are available in two sizes: Standard and Large in order to accommodate different size faces.

The Fleece Face Cradle Inserts are on sale for $18.90, and the Brisa® Face Cradle Inserts are available for $33.90.  These massage table items are available under the Table Accessories category on

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