BestMassage Participates in Training Session, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, took part in a training session that taught the staff how to recommend the most appropriate massage table for its various customers.

Chicago, IL, June 18, 2012

After closing the offices a little early Tuesday afternoon, the staff at BestMassage gathered in its conference room to participate in a training session entitled, “Which Massage Table Should I Buy? Helping Our Customers Choose the Best Massage Table for Them.” The session, led by an independent trainer, focused on the different features of massage tables and how those features related to the various needs of BestMassage customers. The session covered some of the more popular forms of bodywork and massage like deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and acupuncture and the various massage tables and massage tools that would be most appropriate for them. 

The training session lasted three hours and included a slideshow presentation as well as demonstrations of various massage-and-bodywork-related concepts using a massage table. The session prompted the BestMassage staff and management to discuss ideas for new massage table designs, ways to better market existing massage tables and ways to improve the website. “One great thing about these training sessions is that they almost always open up dialog amongst the staff and from that ideas are born,” revealed Horacio Padilla, Marketing Coordinator of BestMassage.

“We believe that consistently training our staff is of the utmost importance here at BestMassage,” asserted Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage. “Not only is it important for us to learn new things, it is also essential to review the basics. The more knowledgeable we are the better we can serve our customers.” In fact, one of the first training sessions the BestMassage staff ever received was centered on providing good customer service.

It was not all work and no play at Tuesday’s training session. The staff was treated to some candy if they had answered a series of pop quiz question correctly. “Most of our staff did really well with the quiz questions,” said Buechler.  “I was happy to see how engaged everyone was in the learning process.” When asked if BestMassage will continue to have training sessions, Buecher said, “Definitely!  We feel that training has such a positive effect on our staff and subsequently on our customers that we must keep it up.” She says she plans on having training once a quarter. 

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