Tao Aromatics - An Exciting Brand Exclusive to BestMassage.com

BestMassage.com has been selling its Tao Aromatics range of massage oils, lotions and cream, and the brand is expanding to include Thai Herbal Compress Balls.

Chicago, IL, September 22, 2009 - BestMassage.com offers a wide range of massage tables and massage supplies. In April 2009, they introduced Tao Aromatics, an exclusive line-up of massage oils, lotions, and creams, aiming to offer bodyworkers a high quality, low price choice. The very positive response led to the introduction of another exciting product, Thai Herbal Compress Balls, under the same brand name.

Tao Aromatics' massage oil blends, essential oils, lotions, and creams are carefully sourced for high levels of purity, and many are also organic. But it is the innovative blends that give the brand a set of unique signatures. Sensual mixes of flavors give bodyworkers therapeutic options such as "Energizing," "Rejuvenating," or "Relaxing."

Peter Wang, Marketing Director for BestMassage.com, explained: "Several requests from customers guided us towards these new products, and we also foresaw an increasing trend. As a massage warehouse, we already have our BodyChoice brand of massage tables. Now we provide an exclusive range of Tao Aromatics products at the best price and with a benchmark level of quality."

Success in the Tao Aromatics oils, lotions and creams range has led BestMassage.com to expand the brand's coverage. In an exciting development, Tao Aromatics is one of the few brands in the U.S. to offer a range of Thai Herbal Compress Balls.

These packages of traditional healing herbs can be incorporated with various types of Massage to deliver powerful therapeutic effects and well-being to clients. After considerable consultation with experts in Thailand, herb packages of the highest quality were sourced for the Tao Aromatics brand. Going a step further, they offer organic options too.

When great quality is offered at excellent prices, popularity surely follows.The growing Tao Aromatics brand exemplifies this, and is a reflection that BestMassage.com, as a warehouse for massage tables and massage supplies, remains committed to providing bodyworkers for all their needs at the best possible prices.

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