Interesting Places to Get a Massage Therapy Job

Massage Therapy Job

Written by AJ Earley, Guest Contributor

Massage therapy offers some of the most diverse employment opportunities in the medical and wellness fields. Once certification is acquired, the skills that therapists develop on the job are highly transferrable. Massage therapists can work in all types of environments including their own homes, hospitals, and spa franchises. If you desire something out-of-the-box, massage therapy can create incredible opportunities to travel, network, and pursue multiple passions in your career.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are a great place to work if you have an ardor for travel. Employment on ships allows staff to see the world for free. You’ll meet people from around the globe, connecting with a diverse clientele. And on your days off, you can go ashore and explore. Few jobs allow you to work during the day, and discover the world at night.

Sports Team and Performers

Working for amateur or professional sports teams can require cross country travel. Preventative and rehabilitative massages are some of the most frequent reasons clients seek out therapists. Sports teams aren’t the only employers who provide opportunities to work with talented people and travel. From rodeos and symphonies to movie sets and Cirque de Soleil, athletic and entertainment professionals employ a large number of massage therapists.

Upscale Spas and Resorts

Spas may not initially seem thrilling, as they are one of the most common employers of massage therapists. But if you gain the proper experience and take a chance, you can find some truly inspiring places to work. From Iceland to Japan, the popularity of spas allows massage therapists to find employment around the world. Did you know Disneyland has a spa? There are spas underwater, in caves and breweries. Offering massage in unique environments is a new trend that will probably explode over the next few years.

Mobile Massage

Mobile massage is a broad category that allows you to travel to your client. Your client could be an individual who prefers the comfort of his or her own home, or a giant corporation providing relaxation for employees. This is a great direction for anyone who likes doing something different every day. It is also an important option for those pursuing self-employment. You can create your own schedule, and the places you are willing to travel and the jobs you want to take are completely up to you!

Diversity in Employment

Careers in massage therapy are only limited by your imagination. Massage therapists can find employment in almost every niche available. There is something for everybody in the field of massage therapy!

AJ Earley is a personal chef, freelance writer, and root beer float enthusiast from Boise, Idaho.

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